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To all news organisations: people not being able to go on holiday is not news, no matter what the reason

In all the terrible consequences of the volcano in Iceland, not least the impact upon Iceland itself, various TV companies have parked reporters at airports where they report on air about some poor family or the other which couldn’t go on holiday – and it is always their ‘holiday of a lifetime’. NO sorry, don’t care. Do. not. give. a. damn. Everyone has a holiday nightmare to relate, having to go home and re-plan for next year rates at about 1.5 on the Shitometer.

People who can’t get home from their holiday; that is a different story. Now we are into 5.0 territory or possibly more. One of my colleagues is in Hong Kong and in transit at that, so won’t even know good places to start looking for accommodation. We’ll have students stuck all over the world so need to think how to support them given we have exams in four weeks. Meanwhile a friend of a friend is also trying to get from Hong Kong to the UK – for her grandfather’s funeral.

But right up there at 9.0 must be the person I know who can’t get to her recently orphaned, young, stepchildren.

I am reminded of being stuck in an Australian airport, stranded because the airline had gone bankrupt. I came back from negotiations to find my mother and her friend, both in their 70s, were cheerfully ‘holding court’. An Aussie said to a member of the TV crew: “why you only filming the Brits, mate?” Answer: ” ‘cos they’re the ones who are stranded mate, you just being inconvenienced isn’t a story.”

The film crews camped out at the airports would do well to take that message on board. If the background to the story is of the nature of: “People turn up at airport expecting problems to be miraculously over” it’s just lazy reporting to use that one and your audience will know it.


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