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Triple birthday celebrations

Three people from different backgrounds, different ages, working in different departments, living in different places.  What we have in common is we go to lunch together and we all have ‘milestone’ birthdays this year.  Two end with a zero, one is 65 (not mine!).  So Bob suggested he and Mary host a common celebration as they live closer to work than any of us and often throw wonderful parties.  So we decided on a date that’s in the middle of the all our birthdays, asked people who knew us but didn’t all know each other, told them to bring food and/or drink, fired up the BBQ and off we went!  Thank you, Bob and Mary and everyone who made it a perfect day.

Whoops, sorry A-M, blown your cover ‘cos you’re wearing your birthday badge!

And to round it off, we even had our very own minstrel:  Thank you Claire!


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