Cack-handed Kate

left-handed views on the world


“Cack-handed, kak’-, (slang) adj. left-handed: clumsy” (Chambers, c1976).  Kate – abbreviation of various names originating “from Gr. Aikaterine, unknown origin, later assimilated tokatharos, pure.” (Chambers)

“A cack-handed Kate” – A clumsy person (Hertfordshire and probably other places).  Left-handed – yes; clumsy – yes; and with a name that can be abbreviated to Kate and has been for almost my whole adult life so far – yes I am indeed the pure Cack-handed Kate.

Usual proviso applies: views here are entirely my own, I am not representing my employer.  In fact I’ll try to keep off anything to do with work here, though as originally a social scientist now lecturing in a university engineering department that might not always be easy.

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