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Starting a blog

Well, here we are, I have finally got a blog underway.  If I can go scuba-diving for the first time ever at the age of 50, on the Great Barrier Reef, I can manage this.

First choose your host.  From the tiny sample of blogs I read regularly I got the impression that Blogger is favoured by people who write entertainingly about animal antics and such like: comments aren’t especially prominent and don’t need to be.  Wordpress, it seemed to me, offered better opportunities for dialogue but, but, the discussions did seem a bit weighty.  I want to chat as well as debate.  However Zygoma assured me that the really heavy debates take place in another forum.  No thanks, when I have heavy discussions I like them upfront and personal!  Whether it’s lunch with the Applied Scientists from work or a debate at the Royal Academy of Engineering, I prefer face-to-face.  So much discussion on blogs seems to be polemics rather than argument but I like nuanced discussion and the development of understanding.  But my writing skills are not up to the level I see on Blogger.  So WordPress it is and if you find me lightweight that’s fine.

Then, the name.  I was way too late to get a nickname I had at school all those decades ago, when I was already a sceptic, so “Skeptikat” was out.  I have a habit of tweaking one eyebrow, so I thought of “wrybrow” and bullied prevailed upon long-suffering husband to take a picture of my brow.  Several pictures later and clearly there was no chance of the skin in the photo being youthfully dewy and unlined, so matching the image in my head, but one was OK.  Then I googled “wrybrow” and discovered it is actually a real surname.  I had a chat with Zygoma, who sighed and said no, he hadn’t chosen his name because it was almost at the end of the dictionary but because it’s the scientific name for the cheekbone and he intended his blog to be a bit cheeky.  His core audience will get it, of course.

Still trying to find something that implied my somewhat skewed view of the world, I tried “wrybrowser”.  I got a lot of links to pornographic sites so obviously it means something I do not wish to imply.  OK, so revert to the pathetic positional strategy, and try something right at the end of the alphabet.  “Zyme”: to do with fermenting.  Yes that will do nicely: thank you.  But of course there are already Zymes on Google, probably involved with brewing so with the moral high ground in terms of relevance as well as precedence.

OK, right back into the depths of childhood, try the obvious, is it possible no-one has yet nabbed Cack-handed Kate?  They have now and there is no argument.  This is definitely me.

My avatar is a photo of a brooch I was given for my birthday last month.  I love it – and note the left front paw!  Thank you Angela.


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