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A Grand Day Out

Yes, the title is a deliberate reference to Wallace and Gromit.  It is amazing what can be done with models a few inches high plus a mountain of imagination, and Will and I went to see a fine example yesterday.  We took a short trip around the A414 to visit the first annual exhibition by the Hemel Hempstead Model Railway Society.

We found people of all ages carefully watching complex layouts and pressing switches.  They were concentrating on train movements, but I confess I was more interested by the amount of work that had gone into creating the scenery.  On the way back we were marvelling at the amount of time people spend on such intricate work.  However, Will then spent hours on Photoshop trying to get my photos fit for publication: and they looked so good in the camera.  So I suppose each to his own does apply.

The copyright in these photos is ceded to Hemel Hempstead Model Railway Society.


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